Inside these boxes are 300 ukulele kits.

Standing next to that palette on the loading dock of my school was exciting.  They have finally arrived and the project is about to get underway—simultaneously it is very real and a little frightening to realize just how big this project is.

Through this project, in a little over a month, 300 students will have their own unique instrument, the skills to play it and experiences in participatory music making with their peers and the community.

Tomorrow, we will complete one of the first steps—epoxying the neck to the body.  After weeks of trying to find a place to let 300 ukuleles dry and cure at school we concluded that it wasn’t possible when school was in session, so tomorrow we (me, the art teacher, you!?, any kind soul in my district hoping to spend part of their spring break at school) will begin constructing our 300 ukuleles.

Stay tuned for the latest pictures, musings and updates on the project.