So, I live in Nebraska now. So does #freyathedog pictured below with the Nebraska capital in the background.12194915_534170452827_1307608785394366548_o

Life, as I have said so many times before, is if anything, unpredictable. You never quite know where you are going or what you’re doing, but there are moments of confusion followed by those of enlightenment and clarity. Finding a way to remain balanced and happy through all of those moments is a skill I am still honing, but thankfully garnering day by day.

A path presented itself to me last year that has led me here to Lincoln where I am enrolled as a PhD student in music education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My graduate work at the University of Illinois was transformative personally and professionally and I think my time here at Nebraska is no different. In just the past few months I have come to learn more about myself and my chosen profession. To be honest, my most recent epiphanies leave me with more questions than answers.

I am posting today to post. To get back in the habit of public and private self reflection, both personal and professional. I am posting the hopes that someone is reading, even if it’s just me at a later date. I am posting as I continue to strive for happiness and fulfillment for myself and others. For me, I know music, specifically the act of making music plays a part in my identity and happiness, but I am quite unsure of it’s overall place or role in my life. Stay tuned, my hope is for more musings and less vagueness in the near future.