It’s been a while, I know! It’s 12:15am, the night before my first official day at my new school.  I see no sign of sleep soon.  Just like a kid, I am overcome with excitement, anticipation and to some degree, worry:  “Will the other kids like me? Will it be hard?  Will I measure up?”.

There are so many things I love about the beginning of the new school year.  Everyone is fresh off of some adventure, whether it was in a distant land or in their backyard.  The 3 months of summer give us time off to grow and change and bring something new back with us.  The weather is turning from oppressive heat to the crisp, cool air of fall and everyone looks snazzy in new outfits.  Summer is great, but it’s so refreshing to get back together at school and again get the chance to connect with students and colleagues sharing our experiences and passions.

The joy of the new school year makes waking up around 6am more tolerable.  For me, every morning that I struggle from lack of sleep or gloomy weather, I am met with the most amazing days.  It’s not that my students are angels on those days, or things even go as I planned, but most often on those days I am brought out of my stupor by a student or students who unknowingly open my eyes, warm my heart and teach me about life.   Kids are awesome.  Humans are awesome.  Can you tell I’m in a pretty good mood from my observations on humanity?  We all have the propensity to get caught up in the day to day routine and drama of life, but we also have the capacity to live each day joyously and without caution or fear.  That’s my goal this year.  To have as many amazing days with my students, colleagues, friends, and family as possible.

I only hope to bring my students the same joy and opportunity they afford me each day.  I wish everyone a great back to school season, whether you are a teacher,a student, a parent or community member– take it in, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the feeling of eager anticipation for what will be a great year (this is a sappy post, wow).

PS- ISYMers, I’m working on some charts and links and fun stuff.  Comment on this post or the ISYM post with any ideas or questions.